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Dr.Paul Gaffney

Paul is clinical lead for the HSE Primary Care Psychology Service in Cavan, Ireland , and has worked as a psychologist with children, adults & families for over 25 years. Paul is Lead Consultant in High Performance Sport Clinical Psychology at Sport Ireland Institute (SII) and has delivered specialist mental health training internationally as a Consultant Tutor with the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT) for 17 years. He is also involved in training psychologists at Trinity College Dublin, developed the Mind Yourself Programme & has written the books On the Ball (2014) & The Family Gam (2018), along with several peer reviewed articles. Paul has a particular interest in making psychological interventions more widely available & accessible.

Dr.Paul Gaffney

“The Parent – Child relationship in Sport.” with Dr.Paul Gaffney

In this workshop, Sport Ireland Institute lead Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Paul Gaffney and David look at perhaps the most important of relationships in sport, from both sides. In this workshop, the needs of both parties, as well as the roles and responsibilities are discussed leaving participants with a clear road map to navigate this period effectively.

“Preparing for Exams – The High Performing Approach” with Dr.Paul Gaffney

Gaffney Adolescents and their parents (and even siblings) can find exam time stressful to say the least. In this workshop, Paul and David take a look at the preparation, execution and review of an examination cycle combining a high performance sporting process with psychological best practice.

“Wellness in the Workspace” with Dr.Paul Gaffney

Paul and David present an interactive workshop bespoke to your company. A large part of this workshop is the advance preparation in understanding the current space occupied, the culture that surrounds the company/organisation and challenges that impinge employers and employees from occupying a truly satisfying work experience.

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