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David is delighted to team up with Black Iron Golf Academy on the beautiful Costa Del Sol, in Southern Spain. Black Iron’s state of the art facilities will host David’s training camps in 2021. The experience at these academies is not in line with mainstream coaching practices seen around the world today, and perhaps is not for everyone. David’s academies are based on an individual’s learning how to lead their own programs and progressions. Whilst some technology may be involved, David’s five-day camps go into the heart of performance and play.

Golf Academies

These academies are suitable for all junior golfers with a playing handicap, and aged approx. 12-18.

Students will enjoy a 1:4, Coach:Player ratio and David will be coaching at each camp. We separate boys and girls as we feel their learning styles and needs are different.

Over his 30 years experience in this space, David has come to learn that many issues related to an adolescent's progression are complex. These issues may not just be that the child has “poor technique” or “poor numbers”.

These academies will take a deeper dive into the motivation of the student, the inclusion of the parent and the home coach in a more structured and process based environment which leads to the player learning to become their own manager. This in turn leads to the player becoming by and large motivated from within, and aligning their level of work and commitment to their desired outcomes.


21st June - 25th June 2021, Spain
28th June - 2nd July 2021, Spain
5th July - 9th July 2021, Spain

“In December 2019 we received David, who shared with us important knowledge and experience in golf development. A very entertaining workshop was developed with professionals, tutors and minor golfers who learned simple and practical techniques to improve their games and those of their students. We´re thankful for David's company, knowledge and his eagerness to make golf nice for everyone!” Saludos cordials!

- Edgardo Bello Lutter
Secretary General, Chilean Golf Federation
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