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Girls in Golf Schools Programs

David is delighted to be supporting more Girls in Golf. This program offers schoolgirls aged 10-12 the unique opportunity to try golf at school to see if they like it. The golf element will be delivered in a fun and memorable way by David. Having worked with ladies in sport for 20 years as high performance director for Irish Ladies Golf, David is passionate about girls chasing down their dreams and accepting themselves as unique and special individuals with no exceptions! Golf is a great game for them, and the goal of these sessions is to give it a try and link the girls to a local club. The program consists of 3 x 1hr sessions. David will begin each session with some instruction and games and then in the second part of the session, David using his unique delivery style, will ask the girls to follow one of his three rules. See below for the schedule:

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Girls in Golf

Week One/Rule One

Mistakes and failure are a part of life. Don’t worry about the mistake, put your energy into what you have learned and the next piece.

Week Two/Rule Two

Be good, be nice and be kind to yourself and those around you. Don’t worry about how people treat you, that’s not your job. But if they are not being nice, ask them politely to stop.

Week Three/Rule Three

Chase your passion. If you love sport, chase sport. If you love reading, chase reading. If you love baking, chase baking. Chase your passion! Never stop the chase and don’t be afraid to be different!

“David, through the support of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and golf federation, came to Bahrain to represent the IGF and set the first stone in the education for national and local coaches. A remarkable and well respected man who also kick-started the education of coaches in neighboring countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. It was through David that golf developed in these countries. It has been an absolute pleasure working with David. Not only is he the most likeable and experienced golf professional, but he has been a mentor and dear friend throughout my golf history.”

- Juan Manuel Fuentes
Bahrain National Teams Manager
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