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David Kearney is a leading PGA Professional with 30 years experience in the golf industry. David has also had the honour of representing the Confederation of Professional Golfers and the R&A at various different speaking engagements and golf development projects across the world.

Schools Programs

David is delighted to be supporting more Girls in Golf. This program offers schoolgirls aged 10-12 the unique opportunity to try golf at school to see if they like it. The golf element will be delivered in a fun and memorable way by David.


All workshops are available as full day sessions or 90 minute breakfast/lunch/evening time presentations. The workshops are of course, also available via Zoom. It is up to your organisation to decide how you would like to structure the session, in order to maximise the impact.


The experience at these Academies is not in line with mainstream coaching practices seen around the world today, and perhaps is not for everyone.


In partnership with R&F Events, David and his team will travel all over the world offering coaching clinics, workshops and golf tournaments.

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Whether we like it or not, our lives as well as those of our work colleagues, children and loved ones are all defined by our experiences. This website hosts some experiences and offerings that may be of interest to you, your students, or your staff. Please get in touch should anything be of interest to you and in the meantime, stay well.



David Kearney


30 years experience

David Kearney is a leading PGA Professional

Visit 70 countries across the globe

David coached in 35 of these countries

20,000 individual lessons

Over 20,000 individual golf lessons to all standards of golfers


In partnership with R&F Events, David and his team will travel all over the world offering coaching clinics, workshops and golf tournaments.

“David visited India on a couple of occasions at the behest of the R&A to provide some training to our teaching professionals in India. As the Indian program was still very young and in its early stages we were fortunate to have David’s guidance and inputs. He provided us with some great insights on systems for planning lessons and mapping student’s progress as well as some excellent information on elite player development. It was an invaluable experience for us to have been able to share his knowledge and insights.”

- Nonita Lall Qureshi
National Golf Academy of India

“Since I had the pleasure to meet David through our work together for the Confederation of Professional Golf, I consider him a mentor, colleague and friend. A true expert in his field and equipped with unique human skills. Tirelessly spreading his passion for the game, people and growth in everything he is involved and a kind soul with an insatiable hunger for personal development.”

- Marie Jeffrey
PGA of Austria

“We were very fortunately to have David Kearney in Brazil teaching our professionals. The way he approaches the art of teaching is unique and simple. You know when the speaker is good when all the attendees go back home excited to give a lesson the next day!”

- Nico Barcellos
Technical Director Brazilian Golf Federation

“In December 2019 we received David, who shared with us important knowledge and experience in golf development. A very entertaining workshop was developed with professionals, tutors and minor golfers who learned simple and practical techniques to improve their games and those of their students. We´re thankful for David's company, knowledge and his eagerness to make golf nice for everyone!” Saludos cordials!

- Edgardo Bello Lutter
Secretary General, Chilean Golf Federation

“I have known and worked with David in several different capacities for over a decade. It seems to me that every conversation we've had regardless of the topic I find myself, as a coach developer, learning new information and more importantly new strategies and tactics to support coaches in increasing their effectiveness. There have been times in my role I have needed direction on certain topics; times, where I have felt stuck or unsure of the next steps. During those times I have reached out to David to shed a new perspective and he's always been spot-on. He has also been a phenomenal speaker at coaching conferences, often I have heard coaches say that was by far the most powerful and productive session of the conference. David is top-notch and always A+.”

- Glenn Cundari
PGA of Canada and Coach + Founder

“David, through the support of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and golf federation, came to Bahrain to represent the IGF and set the first stone in the education for national and local coaches. A remarkable and well respected man who also kick-started the education of coaches in neighboring countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. It was through David that golf developed in these countries. It has been an absolute pleasure working with David. Not only is he the most likeable and experienced golf professional, but he has been a mentor and dear friend throughout my golf history.”

Juan Manuel Fuentes
Bahrain National Teams Manager

Book Club

Chasing down his passion for reading, David will be posting regularly on his Instagram about some of his favourite books, as well as recommendations from his students and colleagues.

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